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“La Familia de ICIE” is the support arm that helps foreign nationals adjust to life in the United States no matter how long they have resided here. The most important offering is tuition paid English classes by ICIE. Families are also taught the importance of doing activities together. Many of our family parents start to volunteer in the schools their children attend. Families having trouble adjusting are offered free counseling. Finally, ICIE tries to have one or two social events for the group each year. Hundreds of  family members  from all across the world makeup “La Familia de ICIE”.


Every day, foreign nationals and their families come to ICIE for help. Below are a few highlight of those we help.

The Marroquin Family – Click here to read their stories

Ralph and Alexis Step into FreedomElmer Marroquin was able to escape the poverty of El Salvador with his wife and several of his young children, but his two oldest remained behind with a relative. When drug violence overtook the country, Elmer, unable to bring his children here legally, could only afford to pay a smuggler to bring one child, his daughter Sylvia, to the U.S. However, the smuggler attacked Sylvia and abandoned her near the border. With the help of ICIE, Sylvia was reunited with her family in the U.S., and efforts are underway to bring the remaining child to America. Sylvia’s story is indicative of the terrible violence that has forced many children to flee Central America to the border over the past year. The struggle to keep the Marroquin Family united in the United States hit yet another snag when Dallas ICE tried to deport the father, Elmer Marroquin. This action came just a few weeks after the family was finally reunited. ICIE was pushed to their limits but in the end prevailed in keeping Elmer in the United States. Mr. Isenberg, Founder of ICIE, thinks the actions of ICE “clearly show a government agency that is not following their own rules. President Obama and DHS Secretary Johnson both promised compliance to the current polices this year and yet it is clear that Dallas ICE Agents continue to violate their own rules”.


Salomon Guevara – Click here to read his stories

Salomguevara21on escaped the drug-fueled violence of El Salvador in 2000. As an immigrant with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), he was able to live and work here legally. Paperwork errors and ICE indifference led to his TPS lapsing, and despite ICIE’s best efforts, Salomon was deported just before Christmas 2013, leaving behind a young family. Click the link to find out more about this travesty of justice.


Adam Lieber – Click here to read his stories

adamlieber2Adam thought he was an American citizen, only to learn as an adult that he was the victim of human trafficking as a baby and is currently facing possible deportation by ICE. While he awaits a decision on his appeal to stay in the only home he has ever known, ICE forced him to wear an ankle monitor, like a common criminal.

Click Adam’s name above to read more about our work to keep him in America.

Rosa Moreno – Click here to read her stories

rosamoreno2Rosa lived in the U.S. undocumented for ten years. She left the country only after her two adult sons were murdered in Mexico, innocent victims of the drug cartels. She was caught and held by ICE upon her return, and spent a year and a half in jail before being released, even though she qualified for legal residency status. Find out how ICIE fought for her freedom.



Sandra Rodriguez – Click here to read her story

sandrar3Sandra tried to do the right thing to live here in America legally. However, an immigration attorney failed to file the proper paperwork, and ICE arrested her, determined to deport her. Even though she qualified for legal residency under the requirements of the Morton Memo, a heartless immigration judge named Dietrich Sims refused to help her. She was deported in 2014 in what ICIE founder Ralph Isenberg called “the most egregious case of misconduct and a violation of due process…that I have ever seen.” Click the link above to read her heartbreaking story.

 Yadira Verdusco – Click here to read her stories

85608e1651ebb88d90eb81e9d57dac43Yadira Verdusco, who was brought to the U.S. as a child, thought her residency in America was secure, until a series of events had her deported. With the help of INS agents, however, she thought she had re-entered the country legally, and built a successful career at a Dallas hospital. Years later, however, ICE agents threw her in jail, and she stayed there for nearly a year until a judge ruled that she was, in fact, here legally. Click the link to read a story of her plight during her imprisonment, before she was granted freedom with the help of ICIE.



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